From raising chickens to cooking your favourite meal–only the best will do.

Our Chicken

We're committed to animal welfare standards and supporting the UK and Irish farming industries.

  • Farm to Fork

    We know where your chicken came from.

    Keeping our supply chain short and simple means we can trace every chicken from barn to bargain bucket. We are passionate about responsible and sustainable sourcing and buy from more than 500 British and Irish poultry farms, with all our Original Recipe Chicken on the bone coming from these suppliers.

  • High Standards

    Maintaining high welfare standards.

    We believe animal welfare is essential for high-quality food and an important ethical concern for our customers, which is why we work hard to ensure the chickens we buy are well cared for. We were the first fast food restaurant to gain Red Tractor certification for welfare and food safety in the UK— in fact all our suppliers worldwide meet or exceed these standards. As well as testing food safety and security practices, we also look for outstanding quality control—not just from our products, but in suppliers' management processes.

  • KFC Welfare Standards

    We are committed to the commonly accepted Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare.

    Our Standard covers all stages of production, from breeding to slaughter and all our suppliers are committed to the commonly accepted Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. All our suppliers provide birds with a blended diet, constant access to fresh water, in large barns typically bedded with wood shavings or chopped straw where densities are defined by the Red Tractor standard. We also encourage suppliers enrichment programmes that provides natural light, pecking objects and perches.

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